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Living Trust

Planning a living trust with Istaxpro will help prepare you for the critical times and unforeseeable circumstances in future. A thorough planning of a living trust will help eliminate the uncertainties over the administration of your estates, and reduce taxes as well as other expenses.

The following packages included in planning a living trust are:

  • Estate Organizing: Estate organizing helps in properly managing your estates including detailed instructions.
  • Certificate of Trust: Establishes the existence of your trust.
  • Declaration of Trust: Includes names of who gets what and who will be the in charge of what.
  • Certificate of Trustee Authority and Power: The document includes the details of trust without any personal information involved. The document then allows the bank to transfer your financial assets into the trust.
  • Pour Over Will: Publicizes names of those who will care for your minor children and will catch the assets that are not named in the trust.
  • Health Care Directive & HIPAA: Allows you to name those who can make medical decisions for you when you are unable to do so. The HIPAA language outlines the individual/s that you wish to allow your doctors to speak to regarding your health care decisions.
  • Durable Power of Attorney: Allows you to decide who can sign your name on legal documents.
  • Comprehensive transfer document: Lets you decide who will take over your personal possessions after you.
  • Grant Deed: Lists the title of your property as per your desire.

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