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About Us

Welcome to ISTAX Accounting Firm Family!

We are a young and dynamic team.

We put technology and experience at the service of our clients.

We guarantee the best service to our clients.

We allow flexibility by utilizing cloud meetings and having the highest security for your data.


Our Story

ISTAX Accounting Firm is founded by John Ismerio, MBA

John graduated from University of California Riverside (UCR) | 2000 Alumni

  • In 2002, founded, an accounting and tax firm in Burbank, CA

  • Featured on Estrella TV and Univision 34.

  • Consultant for Quickbooks and taxes for Canterbury Business School.
    Consultant for New Women’s Business Center and SBDC.
    Accounting & Consultant for nonprofits such as and

  • Bilingual entrepreneur, helps clients solve tax and accounting challenges for residents and non-residents.

  • Specializes in the accounting for Latin companies:
    Import and Export of wholesalers from the Los Angeles Fashion District.
    Contractors (Contractor B, Plumbers and Electricians)
    Food Restaurants and the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood

  • 21-year experience in various industries and high level of bilingual education.

Meet your Accounting & Tax Team

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Founder & CEO

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General Manager

Our Clients

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Real Estate

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