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We have transitioned from SmartVault to CanopyTax for secure File Sharing Portal exclusively for Accounting & Tax Professionals.

At ISTAXPro, we provide data security to protect all our clients' data through Nube Tax.

As partners of global leaders in the data center industry, we understand how to offer you the best solutions available around.

Data center partners include leading brands like Limestone Networks, Steadfast Networks, PhoenixNAP, ServerCentral, INTERNAP, and more.

Cyber Security
Server Room

Data Centers & Data Security

  • All our data centers are based in different geographical areas to ensure strong infrastructure even in the event of natural disaster or power outages.

  • Data center locations include facilities in Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. Each data center works on the basis of multi-layered redundancy to safeguard all connections in network and allow uninterrupted data services.

  • The facilities we work with understand the necessity of updating hardware when needed and we have individuals on staff 24/7 to replace any faulty components. 

  • ISTAXPro's partners understands the focal need of promoting physical and digital security around the clock. Our data facilities are protected 24/7 with controlled access, surveillance through CCTV cameras, and security staff.

  • In addition to surveillance of physical hardware, our cybersecurity also protects servers with the latest in firewall technology and antivirus programs.

  • We have Tier 3 security in place to protect all your private information, as well as Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems to ensure that no violations of our servers' securities occur in realtime.

Preventive Measures & Maintenance Plans

  • Our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance planning is there to ensure the components both hardware and security-wise stay effective and prevent failures of components.

  • We create redundancies to adopt across different regions, accounting for power, cooling, network, geography, hardware, and disk. This allows us to eliminate any chances of downtime and an optimal uptime across the board for all our data services.

  • Mechanisms are also put into place in the issues of natural disasters to revert systems to the average working system.

  • Stress continuity tests are conducted as well to ensure that everything will work during time of need when more servers are being used.

Whatever the situation, our data centers will account for it to ensure your Cloud and data is kept safe and functional.

ISTAXPro Accounting Firm

209 W. Alameda Ave Suite 203, Burbank, CA 91502, USA

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